How does an investment firm show their enduring relationships with their clients in a meaningful way? That was our task as we set out to create a completely new brand for Insightful Wealth Group.

the opportunity

Christine and her team see their clients differently which was obvious from the first time we met with them. Their attention to the lives of their clients and their families came out in everything they did. Our challenge was to show how Insightful Wealth Group stands apart.

“A true reflection of who we are and what we represent for our clients has never been clearer than what it is now after working through the process with Bemoved Media. Seeing us as who we are first, and creating a canvas through our website of beautiful images we are able to now reflect it in a way that wasn't possible before."

- Christine LaLiberté, Insightful Wealth Group

their story

“We See You Differently”. That was the opening brand message we developed for Insightful Wealth Group. It doesn't just reflect their belief - it reflects how they treat their clients. We created a story-based website and integrated an authentic "why" video.

The design is colourful and modern, and it speaks to their team, clients and approach. A new brand logo and tagline design updated their message and made it stronger. Finally, we created series of event images to show their team and community together.

our work

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