How does a small insurance company tell it's clients that it supports them far beyond providing insurance? It shows it. Nothing could be more convincing to their clients, to their community, or to us.

the opportunity

When Bemoved Media came on the scene with Allan Financial, it already had a strong visual brand and a strong belief in “Enjoy Your Life". It was clear to us that this was much more than an insurance company. They were already taking an active role in contributing to their clients and families. The challenge was to extend that to create a modern and innovative website and to build their story around those communities.

their story

We saw a powerful opportunity to reinforce their belief themselves, and to show them as a leader in their industry. We started by understanding their brand, photographing events, creating a series of videos, and updating their website.

A mini documentary produced and directed by Bemoved Media for the Allan Financial Kiva campaign.

The result was a company that quickly grew a vision of what they believed they could. They saw their value in the eyes of their clients and community and realized that they were so much more than insurance.

An introduction to Don Anderson at Allan Financial.

our work

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