Eileen enjoys crafting the perfect message and creating engaging content. With a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Certificate in Public Relations, and a Master's in Intercultural and International Communication, she has the expertise to develop strategic messaging for brands, campaigns, and specific initiatives.

She excels at overseeing all PR projects, including corporate communications, M&A or partnership announcements, product launches, and client events. Anyone who meets her knows that she is reliable and dependable and understands the importance of empathetic communication. One thing that drives her nuts? Poorly-written content. She believes that messaging should always be clean and clear. One way to impress Eileen is to show her a brand with a clear purpose and consistent, effective communication.

Outside of work, you'll find her enjoying quality time with her kids in their respective Canadian cities and cheering them on during sports games. Like Marcel, she's a soccer enthusiast and loves both playing and watching the game.

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