Jaja is our go-to person for all things digital and creative. With a special knack for content and social media management, email marketing, webinar organization, and creative design, Jaja makes all the intricacies of "back-end systems" look easy.

She recently completed her dual degree in Bachelor of Media Studies and Master of Management at UBC, where she honed her skills and gained a solid foundation. But don't let all this academia fool you - she's not just about work. She's also a creative soul who loves to think outside the proverbial box and bring fresh ideas to her work.

During her university internships, she had the opportunity to work on various online content projects and collaborate with amazing co-workers. It was an incredible learning experience that further fueled her passion for creativity.

When she's not busy being a digital whiz, you can find her racing back and forth across a tennis court, hosting apartment-sized dinners with friends, capturing moments of life with her camera, or whipping up delicious baked treats in the kitchen. (Her co-workers are still waiting for a taste...)

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