Marcel thrives on linking ideas and inspiration from different places to improve all manner of marketing scenarios. With a background in mechanical engineering technology and marketing management, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking to the team. He is responsible for client account and campaign management at the strategic level, right down to pressing "send" on marketing emails.

While the world was going crazy during the pandemic, Marcel managed to run his own profitable agency - he's particularly proud of a viral B2C campaign that scored 58x the ROI! He's not just a marketing whiz; he's also a creator, a tinkerer, and a DIY enthusiast. He finds inspiration for his work in targeted ads (yes, really!), social media content, and innovative brands that float across his daily scroll. For him, it's all about finding hidden gems that spark the creative fire.

When he's not busy conquering the marketing world, you can find him scoring on the soccer field, casting his line while fishing, or jamming out to some bass-heavy tunes. His ultra-special skill: locating parking spots outside the glare of CoV officials.

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