Meralon thrives on making sure that work matters. She is a student of people, and her background in Psychology (MA Psych) and Humanities gives her a unique perspective on bringing out the glimmer of clients and teams. From working early in her career for others in the social work world to owning her own business, Meralon has had a diverse career. Now, as a co-founder of Bemoved Media, she focuses on building relationships with clients and the team.

Meralon is intuitive, compassionate, and open-minded, and her no-nonsense Kiwi attitude makes her the perfect person to connect with clients and really hear what they have to say about their business. Her instinct for posing simple questions gets to the core of what matters.

When she's not busy being a multi-tasker of all things work-related, you can find her hanging out with her BFF - her Apple watch, ensuring those activity rings are closed daily. She also loves reading historical novels, adding to her impressive wine wall collection, and jetting off to explore lesser-known parts of the world.

Fun fact: Meralon had a side career as a birth doula supporting over 55 families!

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