Randal is our resident technology expert (aka, expert tech geek!) and a seasoned professional in the high-tech B2B industry. With a solid background in hardware and firmware engineering, Randal has successfully managed large product lines, demonstrating his exceptional skills in business strategy and executive management.

Early in his career, his innovative approach to colour transformation technology earned him two patents, revolutionizing the photo lab space and further establishing his credibility in the field. A few years later, he became an accomplished professional photographer and founded a leading wedding photography studio in Vancouver.

A chance encounter in NYC led to a significant shift in his career trajectory. Inspired by a stranger's near-death experience, he decided to adopt a more impact-centred approach to business, focusing on marketing strategies that make a difference. He founded Bemoved Media with a view to combining technological advancements with human-centred business models, aiming to redefine how marketing is done.

Randal believes in the power of creativity and technology to drive change. He is committed to developing marketing strategies that benefit not just businesses but also people and the planet.

When he's not busy shaking up the marketing world, you can find him clicking the shutter on his camera or building professional LEGO sets. Special talent: building a 2000-piece typewriter out of LEGO without losing any pieces.

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