How do you choose a career in Engineering with so many technical options and so many programs? That was the challenge for UBC Engineering when they approached us to tell their story in a candid and authentic way, through the creation of a series of 10 short films.

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It’s easy to think of engineering as a homogeneous discipline. It’s not. That’s the challenge for students who face a decision about where to focus their studies as they come into their first year of Engineering. Although there are many resources that describe the differences between the academic programs, what was missing was a way for students to identify personally with each department.

their story

We started the project by working to identify each department's unique brand personality. Our creative approach was to bring out the individual personality in each department through its student community. We created a series of guiding questions for each department to identify what attracted students to each program, as well as key brand messages that would guide our on-film interactions.

Within 6 weeks, we interviewed and filmed over 50 faculty and talented students. Our team managed all pre- and post-production aspects from coordinating multiple locations with each department, to scheduling each finished film. The result was the release of 10 films in 10 weeks, on schedule from beginning to end.

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