Everything we do reflects our belief that business is personal. We do this work because we love it and we're compelled to tell brand stories that matter: to you and to us.

who cares?

A couple of years ago, our son stood up in his Kindergarten class, after his teacher asked a question, and said, "who cares?" It was a simple, sassy question but his teacher wasn't laughing and neither were we.

Businesses often feel the same way. You know you care. And your clients may have a sense of that. But do they really get it? And do they really understand the depth of what you do?

The solution? Show you care and that what you do makes a difference.

Our lifestyle studio (known as Randal Kurt Photography) and creative media has earned best in class professional awards, national recognition, and has appeared in leading industry magazines.

our core team

We have a team that takes an integrated approach to everything that we do from website designs to films to photography. It's an approach we believe in because it's simply the best way to create a brand experience that matters. We also have an extended team that includes some the most talented in the industry: filmmakers, editors, and social media and PR specialists to name a few. There's no project too big for our team.

adrian hrytzak

creative director

Creative. Sage. Still. Complex. Earnest. Designer. Thinks in pictures (which explains "man of few words").

brandon Siemens


Contemplative. Determined. Supportive. Purposeful. Endearing. Thinker. Loves a challenge.

camilla hrytzak

image artist

Eager. Passionate. Kind. Focused. Giggly. Quick-thinker. Opinionated (in a great way). Bakes yummy gluten-free treats.

dylaina Gollub

image artist

Talented. Travel-lover. Artistic. Soft. Gentle. Student of all things beautiful.

eileen huster

marketing strategist

Resourceful. Creative. Bold. Certain. Forward-thinking. Strategist. Plays an excellent game of soccer.

kathryn Wittoesch

marketing specialist

Technology-savvy. Heart-forward. Perceptive. Kind. Real. A breath of fresh air.

meralon shandler

co-founder / brand story coach

Intuitive. Compassionate. Empathetic. Supportive. Influential. Ambassador. Loves her kids and husband (and really strong coffee)...in that order.

randal hrytzak

co-founder / CEO

Intentional. Deliberate. Passionate. Purposeful. Tender-hearted. Driver. Loves really strong coffee (and his wife and kids)...in that order.

rheanna toy


Creative. Practical. Diligent. Wise. Energetic. Resolute. Doer. Always goes above and beyond.

sally Zori

marketing associate

Bold. Diplomatic. Business-savvy. Gentle. Fearless. Takes initiative to a new level.